Publish date: 23 December 2021

This Christmas, we received an incredible donation of new pyjamas for our Children's Ward from UK-based charity, Childrens Hospital Pyjamas

Children's Hospital Pyjamas is a UK based charity who collects donations of brand new pyjamas, from the public, which they then donate to hospitals, hospices and women’s refuges up and down the country. These are then also gifted to the children in hospital at Christmas who are inpatients.

Each set of pyjamas also comes with a pair of comfort hearts. This is a pack of 2 matching fabric Hearts that have been hand-stitched by their volunteers – one to stay in hospital with the child and one to go home with mum or dad if they cannot stay.

It means so much to us that each child who receives a pair knows that someone is wishing them a speedy recovery and is thinking of them.

Thank you so much #TogetherWeAreAmazing