Publish date: 1 June 2021

George Lloyd

George was a local pensioner living in Halton Village, who came to eat in our Halton  cafeteria every day. When George passed away, he left us the most beautiful gift in his will that allowed us to completely refurbish the restaurant.

In memory of his extraordinary legacy, we renamed it The George Lloyd Restaurant.


George’s Story

George Lloyd was born in Runcorn in 1934. At 16, George joined ICI as an apprentice fitter at Pilkington Sullivan Works and was later transferred to Castner Kellner Works where he eventually became a Shutdown Planner.

In his younger years, George was a keen member and leader of The Boys Brigade. He was a real football fan and would go to watch a match every Saturday afternoon with his friends. But football wasn’t his only love…

George married Muriel Johnson in 1971. They both loved to travel, but sadly this became difficult when Muriel contracted Parkinson’s disease at a relatively young age. George spent many hours in Halton Hospital visiting Muriel and dedicated his life to taking care of her through her illness, but unfortunately Muriel passed away in 2008.

After Muriel’s death, George came to Halton Hospital every day to have lunch in the dining room with his two friends, Stan and Stuart. The trio was very popular among staff and patients alike, mainly because of their cheery smiles and funny banter – they really uplifted everyone’s spirits.

Sadly, George passed away in 2013, but before he left there was one thing that he felt compelled to do…


George’s Legacy

George kindly left a substantial legacy with a wish for it to be spent at Halton Hospital. Not only was George touched by the care and attention that he and his wife had received, but he also considered Halton Hospital to be like a second home.

George was such an integral part of this hospital that even on Christmas Day when the restaurant was closed, he was invited to enjoy Christmas dinner with the patients on the ward.

The impact of George’s remarkable gift can be seen all around the hospital through:

  • important physiotherapy apparatus
  • electronic and bedside patient chairs at CMTC
  • patient bed tables and chairs
  • life-changing cardio rehabilitation equipment

And of course, the refurbishment of the dining room at Halton Hospital. This meant so much to our patients, visitors and staff, as the dining room serves as a retreat where they can reflect and unwind.

As a thank you, we renamed it the George Lloyd Restaurant so that his memory can live on in this hospital for years to come.

If you’ve been inspired by George’s story and would like to find out more about leaving a legacy, click HERE.