Publish date: 27 January 2022

"We in the breast cancer team have been lucky enough to experience the WHH Charity which has given us the opportunity to support our post-surgery ladies. For around 15 months now we have been able to purchase a selection of first fit post-surgery bra’s for ladies who have undergone surgery for breast cancer. Unfortunately due to various reasons, quite a few ladies are unable to obtain a post-surgery bra which makes their first prosthetic fitting appointment impossible but with the help of the charitable funds we are able to provide ‘most’ ladies (breast size pending) with an appropriate bra. It is amazing to see their faces when they finally get a bra that is comfortable and fits correctly which instantly seems to improve their posture and self-confidence.

"Recently we made another successful application for charitable funds to enable us to provide post-surgery pamper packs for both women and men diagnosed with breast cancer and needing surgery. These packs consisted of items ranging from candles, bath bombs, face packs, massage creams, aromatherapy items and much more which are gratefully received by all our patients. This something we would like to continue for the foreseeable future.

"Our patients within the hospital both at Warrington and Halton would not benefit from such kind gestures if it wasn’t for the hard work of the WHH Charity team.

"The impact this service this has on our ladies is immense and has proved to make such a difference not only to their appearance and confidence but also to their wellbeing. The positive comments we receive when a lady comes for her first prosthetic fitting and has a correctly fitting bra are wonderful and encouraging that our ladies are receiving a service that initially they are not looking forward to but when they leave, are so utterly pleased and any lack of confidence following surgery has been regained.

"Funds are re-generated through the bras if the ladies feel they would like to donate."