Remember a Loved One

Creating a personal tribute page in memory of a loved one is an extremely valuable way to celebrate and remember their life: By setting up an in-memory page with our partners at MuchLoved, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a space where you, your family and friends can share precious memories.
  • Upload photos, music and videos that remind you of your loved one.
  • Make a donation to WHH Charity in their memory.

If their tribute fund already exists, you can find it by searching for them by name:

Ivan Kannaugh’s Story

We are eternally grateful to the family of the late Ivan Kennaugh who made a donation to Halton Respiratory team for much needed equipment.

Ivan became involved with the team when he was diagnosed with COPD around 10 years ago.

Not only did the meetings keep him healthy, they also enabled him to have fun and make new friends.

When Ivan was no longer well enough to attend, the team made home visits, for which the family are extremely grateful and wanted to make a donation in Ivan’s memory.