WHH Senior Transformation Delivery Manager Fundraising for Making Waves Campaign In Memory of Sister

By August 1, 2017News

After injuries, surgeries and even advice to not run again! Mike has taken on the incredible decision to slip into his trainers once again and train for what is ‘probably’ going to be his last half marathon race – raising funds in aid of our Children’s Making Waves campaign.

Read Mikes story and find out what has driven him into making this wonderful gesture…..

November 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the devastating loss of my sister Lisa to cancer.  Lisa was my soul-mate and anyone who has spent any time with me will know how much I miss her every day.

Please help me to mark Lisa’s 10 year anniversary by donating whatever you can to the ‘Making Waves Campaign’ for a new outdoor play area for the children’s ward at Warrington hospital. 

Raising money for this brilliant cause will be a fitting tribute to Lisa, whilst providing much needed funds for the project.  Any parent who has had a child spend time on a children’s ward will know how important it is for children to have a positive experience whilst in hospital.  This project aims to provide accessibility to all paediatric patients offering a bright, colourful and interactive experience.

I have completed a few distance races over the years but this is very likely to be my last half-marathon.  Injuries and surgeries have taken their toll and (just between me and you) I shouldn’t really be doing this at all!  However, the temptation to do one last race, Lisa’s anniversary, and the desire to help the project mean I’m giving it one last go.  If I have to walk parts of the course that’s what I’ll do.  It will be worth it to hand over the money and in Lisa’s memory.

Thanks in advance for your support.  Every donation matters.



Mike Bailey Sister