Warrington Hospital’s Respiratory Team Raises Money for Children’s Ward

By October 20, 2017News

The Warrington Hospital’s Respiratory Team held their Charity Fundraising Games week this month and raised an amazing £60.00 for the Children’s Ward! A big thank you and wonderful job to everyone who participated and donated.

Here is Respiratory Team member Janet Grace on the fundraiser and one of their games The Chocolate Game.

“The idea of the chocolate game is to throw a 6 on the dice, if a 6 is thrown then you put on a hat, scarf, gloves and use a knife and fork to cut and eat the chocolate bar whist still wrapped in the paper. The dice is still to be passed around the group and if another 6 is thrown then that person is to take the scarf etc. and pass it over.

It’s a great game for children and adults!!!

We enjoyed our charity week in our lunch breaks and maybe we can inspire other teams to do this for our children’s ward fundraiser.”