Notcutts Garden Centre Pledges On-going Support

By April 7, 2017News

On Monday 20th March WHH Charity welcomed two staff members, Angie and Tony, from Notcutts Garden Centre, introductions we made through one of our public governors, Alison Kinross, who has a wonderful established relationship with the garden center which has led onto the Garden Centre pledging to ‘spruce up’ the existing garden until the campaign has achieved its target.

Whilst here Angie and her colleague also presented our Forget Me Not ward with a £247.82 cheque donated from their 5p carrier charge fee.

Helen, Charity Fundraising Manager, said ‘when we invited the two members of staff to visit WHH it was to give them a tour of our fabulous dementia unit, and so when they presented us with the cheque we truly appreciate the staff within the center thinking of us when choosing a charity to benefit from this fee, we are extremely excited about working alongside this team to help make a difference to our Dementia ward’.