6 Year Old Twins Ruben & Elena 100K Challenge

By February 12, 2018News

A brother and sister are set to run 100km this year in a bid to raise funds for a new play area at Warrington Hospital.

Six year olds Ruben and Elena Evans-Guillen will each run 100km during 2018 for our Making Waves appeal, which aims to raise £100,000 for a new aquatic-themed outdoor play area on the children’s ward.

The twins, from Padgate, originally took up running last year as a way to combat their ADHD.

Dad, Mark Evans said “My two are very hyperactive kids as they have ADHD, so family life is geared around doing as many activities as possible. In late October we did a 5km run in North Yorkshire and they really did well – Ruben even picked up a trophy for finishing third in the male category!  We thought it would be a great idea to continue this in 2018 and reach 100km in runs, we heard about the Making Waves project and thought it would be incredible to raise funds for a fantastic cause. Even if we raise a few hundred quid, we will have had a great year with the family and we will have made a nice donation to the appeal. I’m a big believer in giving young kids confidence and opportunities and perhaps more importantly making them aware they are helping people. Ruben and Elena have so far completed 25km of the 100km run and we are planning on completing challenges including Tough Mudder.”

Maddog/Crazy Pups in Southport

At the run in Southport Ruben and Elena benefitted from nicer weather with an amazing scenic location and the kids were excited to be presented with their medals by Olympian runner Jo Pavey! Jo also tweeted them the following message: Jo Povey @JoPavey Congrats Ruben & Elena on your race @maddog 10K Hope you had a great time. Good Luck with your Challenge and hope you raise lotes of money. @Running4DrOzzy